ASP put together a crew of 5 professional photographers: 3 camera operators and 2 drone operators. The team also included 1 sound engineer, 2 lighting technicians and 1 script writer. These 8 operators; armed with modern/state-of-the-art photography skills and equipments, decended on Navi street -the site of governor Obaseki's pilot project on road construction using concrete pavements instead of the traditional asphalt technology.

In the space of three weeks, we worked tirelessly; interviewing the engineering crew in charge of the project, some of the trainee technicians as well as some residents of Navi street, to ascertain their views on the project. There was extensive camera coverage from various angles of the project & in the end, we were able to capture both the views of the various parties involved in this project (which were mostly positive) and the entire scope of the project, in this short video.